Our perineal suturing workshop is accredited by Royal College of Midwives. It is facilitated by an experienced Perineal Specialist Midwife. The course is specifically designed for midwives, student midwives and junior obstetricians in a friendly and relaxed environment. The venue is purposely chosen to take you away from the clinical environment. At Peri Health, we value your experience and aim to make it a positive one. We maintain small groups per session to ensure that high standards, adequate attention and support is provided during the practical session.

You will practice:

  • How to handle surgical instruments
  • Continuous non lock technique
  • Subcuticular technique
  • Interrupted suturing technique
  • Basic knot tying techniques.
  • Episiotomy/second degree tear
  • Perineal infiltration prior to episiotomy using a 3 D model

We use a wide range of flesh-like simulators( suture pad, dome shaped model, 3 D perineal model) for you to practice suturing. You get to suture as many times as you need to feel confident support by the training team. The 3 D simulator is an accurate life size anatomy with all the relevant landmarks. It gives a realistic feedback of human tissue and has an open rectum for rectal examination after the repair.

Why perineal suturing training is important.

Around 85% of women who have a vaginal delivery will sustain perineal trauma, which occurs either spontaneously or as a result of episiotomy. In the United Kingdom, assessment and perineal suturing are procedures mainly undertaken by midwives, some of whom may not have received updated or adequate basic training. Identification, correct classification and the technique used to repair perineal injury are procedures that require knowledge and skills to ensure that the tissues involved are correctly aligned to facilitate healing and minimise postpartum morbidity.

The NHS Litigation Authority report (2012) shows a rise in negligence claims associated with poorly assessed and poorly repaired perineal trauma. The total value of those claims and legal cost was estimated to be 31.2 million.

Peri Health is here to enable you to improve on your perineal assessment and suturing skills based on current evidence to minimise post-partum morbidity.